Cookies policy

1. What's a cookie

A “cookie” is a small text file which a web site stores within the internet browser of users, which facilitates the use of a web page and which are essential for the functioning of internet sites.

The cookies are used, for example, in order to validate internet registers (store user names and passwords); store options such as the size, language, internet browser used; to analyse the habits and behaviour of users in order to improve the services offered, or to adjust the content of a web page to the preferences of the visitor.

The cookies may be “session cookies”, which are deleted when the user closes the web page which has generated the cookies or “persistent cookies”, which remain on the user’s computer until a specific date.

Furthermore, the cookies may be “own cookies”, which are managed by the domain which the user has accessed and from where the user requests a specific service (in this case the domains owned by FRESH ORANGES HOME DELIVERY as proprietor of the domain “”) or may be “third party cookies”, which are sent to the user’s computer from a different domain other than the domain which has been accessed by the user.

2. Type of cookies used on the FRESH ORANGES HOME DELIVERY web page

Our web page uses three types of cookies:

  • Own cookies: these cookies are strictly necessary. They enable the interaction between the user and the web site and enable the use of all of the web page’s functions.
  • Performance and analysis cookies: these cookies are used for analysis, investigation or statistics in order to improve the experience of the web site.
  • External plugin cookies: these are cookies used by external plugins installed on the web site for the proper functioning thereof.

It is important to state that the aforementioned technologies are not intrusive, as all information obtained through the use of cookies is totally anonymous, and under no circumstances whatsoever may the information be associated to a specific or identifiable user. The information enables FRESH ORANGES HOME DELIVERY to adapt and improve its services to the interests of users. However, the user has the option of disabling the generation of cookies, by means of the selection of the corresponding option in his or her internet browser. FRESH ORANGES HOME DELIVERY notifies you that in the case that you disable the use of cookies, the web page may operate slower than usual.

In particular, all internet browsers provide for the option of changing parameters for the deactivation of the configuration of cookies. Such adjustments are found in the “options” or “preferences” tabs of the menu of your internet browser. Hereinbelow, we show you how to disable cookies using links to the instructions of the most used internet browsers:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Furthermore, if you want to block Google’s analytical cookies, you may install a plugin in your internet browser which has been developed by following the instructions set out in the following link.

3. Technical description of the cookies used

Hereinbelow, the cookies which are used by this web site are described together with their purpose and the duration of each one of them:

Cookies for the operation of the web






Language preferences


PHPSESSID; currency

User identification



Remember cookies permission


Cookies from third-party complements

_utma; _utmb; _utmc; _utmt; _utmz;

Cookies used by Google Analytics for statistical control of access. It is used to distinguish users and sessions. The cookie is created when you run the Javascript library and there is no _utma cookies. The cookie is updated each time the data is sent to Google Analytics.


We recommend all users read the privacy policies of each service provider in order to obtain further information at

4. Further information

Any user that has any queries whatsoever regarding the foregoing technologies may contact us via email