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    Our 2019/20 season has ended. In October we will be back again to offer our new harvest. Thank you!

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United Kingdom
and Netherlands

Flat rate for combining oranges and mandarins as you like

10 kg - 43,00
15 kg - 47,00
20 kg - 56,00

VAT and shipping costs incl.

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Packaged in recycled boxes

Orange slice

Home delivery of superior quality, fresh-picked oranges and mandarins

Buying oranges and mandarins online has become a standard practice for many families. We invite you to try buying oranges that are recently picked and delivered straight from the orchard to your home, from the grower to the buyer. No more dealing with heavy boxes at the grocery store, delivered fresher than the store, with more flavor and more vitamins.

Our oranges come from Valencia. Valencian oranges are famous in Spain for their high quality. Our varieties are Navelina and Lanelate, having excellent flavor and juicy pulp that makes them ideal both for eating and for making juice. They have lasting freshness.

The mandarine Clementina Fina is our earlier mandarin, very juicy and sweet, being easy to peal. Then, the Clemenville mandarin, a delicacy with lasting freshness accompany us in Christmas. Finally, Ortanique, a late mandarin combining sweetness and acid hints.

The excellent taste of our fresh oranges and mandarins with no post-harvest treatments surprise those who have only tried oranges from the supermarket. To guarantee freshness, the oranges are delivered with a tender leaf that demonstrates they have not been kept in cold storage. The delivery period is within 4-5 working days from the day we harvest.

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