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Organic Lemon Box 15 kg
Harvest ended
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Organic Lemon Box 15 kg

  • Product Code: BIO-ZI15
  • Varieties: Eureka/Vernia
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Next shipping date to Netherlands: Monday, 23/05/2022
  • 58.50€


We serve lemons of the Eureka and Vernia varieties. These varieties have few differences between them, sometimes even more similar to lemons of different varieties than lemons of the same variety. They are of medium or small size. They are spherical or oval in shape with a short nipple, and have a smooth, thin rind. The pulp is juicy with a high juice content. They have a long post-harvest life, of about 30 days or even more.

Its harvesting period is, depending on the year, from the beginning of December to mid-April.

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