About Us

We are a family from Cullera, a town in the region of València, who grow our own oranges and mandarins.

My name is Ruth Palomero, and I am in charge of Internet sales. My father-in-law Joaquín and my uncle Tomás personally tend the orchards year after year (for many years now) with much care, getting the best oranges and mandarins that a person could eat.

Our orchards are located in Mareny de Cullera, close to the beach, where the sandy ground is excellent for cultivating the varieties that we offer. The orchards are inside a special environment known as l’Albufera Nature Park.

We have undertaken this adventure for several reasons: to provide part-time self-employment for me and keep the orchards going, as well as to pay Mr. Joaquín and Mr. Tomás a fair price for their oranges, but mostly for you to enjoy, along with our family, the best oranges possible with all the characteristics of fruit picked ripe. These oranges are picked ripe from the tree, not ripened in transit or in the store, and we pledge to deliver them to your house in the quickest possible time.